The Artist

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Thelma Rodriguez-Kelly and I'm a Colorado based photographer. I was born in Cuba but grew up in Chicago, and from an early age I had an interest in photography. After graduating from the University of Illinois, my husband Ed and I lived and raised our family in some of the world's most beautiful cities including Brussels, San Francisco, Carmel, Miami and now Boulder. I've received numerous awards and Best of Show honors throughout my career. My love of travel and photography go hand in hand, and through my art I'm able to convey the best of my experiences from the places I have visited.


I use my love of photography to communicate the beauty that is all around us in nature. I'm an observer of light on the landscape and I use that light and the colors and textures to convey not only the dramatic scenes in a landscape but also the more subtle beauty found in even the most unlikely of places. Eighty percent of my time is waiting... waiting for the right moment, the right light, and the right set of conditions. When it's time to shoot, I have to move quickly, the clouds come in, the sky lights up and before you know it, it's gone, it's over. The feeling one is left with is an overwhelming appreciation for the gift in being able to capture my surroundings.

My work has been featured numerous times at the Louisville Juried Photography Show, the DARKROOM Gallery, and the Littleton Depot Art Gallery and the Foothills Art Center.